Please meet my furbabies :-)

Top: Chloe & Bones / Bottom: Yuki & Scarlett

© Cindy Giannoulatos-Malnasi

Bones is our black Manx (4 years old). I never had a cat before her but it was love at first sight when I saw this tiny ball of fur on a picture my friend sent me (my friend and her husband found Bones on a busy street)

© Cindy Giannoulatos-Malnasi

Yuki is our Siamese-Manx mix (2 years old). A rescue pulled her out of a high kill shelter when she was a tiny baby. Now she found her loving forever home with us!

© Cindy Giannoulatos-Malnasi

Chloe our little Tabby (1 year old). We found her in front of my husband’s office when she was a tiny 5 week old kitten.

© Cindy Giannoulatos-Malnasi

Scarlett our Nebelung (1 year old). This fluffy little lady came into our lives through Facebook where she was looking for a forever home. She found it 🙂

© Cindy Giannoulatos-Malnasi

My husband and I have 4 cats. All of them are rescues! When we got our first kitty Bones, we didn’t want a second one. But then she was alone all day, so two years later we decided to adopt a sister for her, Yuki. Half a year after that, we found an abandoned, 5 week old kitten in front of my husband’s office. We wanted to foster her and find a loving home for her, but yeah, we kept her and named her Chloe. Again half a year later, I was on Facebook and saw a beautiful kitten living outdoors and looking for a forever home. First, I networked to find a home for her, then we decided to foster her and then… Yes, you already guessed it right… we kept her and named her Scarlett 🙂

Bones: black Manx, 4 years old

Yuki: Siamese-Manx mix, 2 years old

Chloe: gray Tabby, 1 year old

Scarlett: gray Nebelung, 1 year old


8 thoughts on “Please meet my furbabies :-)

  1. I had 4 kitties as well. One of ours died from CRF two years ago. He lived to be 18 so we were blessed to have him that long.
    Your cats are adorable. 🙂

    • It’s always so sad when they pass away :*( I read once the story about the Rainbow Bridge and I really loved it. When they pass on they wait there for us until we meet again. That’s a beautiful thought! 🙂

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