Our black cat Bones >’-‘< – why black cats should never be overlooked…

“If a black cat crosses your path, it signifies that the animal is going somewhere” – Groucho Marx

Our beautiful black Manx Bones 🙂

© Cindy Giannoulatos-Malnasi

Bones as a tiny 6 week old ball of fur 🙂

© Cindy Giannoulatos-Malnasi

Bones loves to sit high up on things

© Cindy Giannoulatos-Malnasi

Bones 🙂

© Cindy Giannoulatos-Malnasi

Four years ago, I opened an email with the title “Kitten needs loving home”. As soon as I opened the picture, I fell in love: there was this tiny ball of fur, not bigger than a pen, looking for her forever home. Immediately, I showed the picture to my husband and after a short time we knew we wanted to give her the loving forever home she deserved. The next day we picked her up 🙂 I never had a cat before so I started to read as much about cats as I could: I wanted to be the best mom I could be for her.

Our friends Mary and Greg told us how they found her: they were driving on a 6 lane road here in Orlando, when they saw something small run across traffic and almost getting hit by a huge pickup truck. They were not sure if they saw a kitten or a bunny, so they got out of their car and followed her. Under a dumpster at a Walgreen’s they found the tiny black kitten. It took them over half an hour to get her out from under there. They took her home, determined to find her a home. They named her Bones because she was so skinny and we kept the name because at that time I had just started my forensic anthropology program and studied human bones and we also like the TV show “Bones”.

Bones is a Manx, a cat breed that usually has a shortened tail (although, all lengths of tails can be present in a litter). We had never heard about that breed before and started to read up on it. When a Manx cat has absolutely no tail, then he/she is prone to a disease called “Manx-Syndrome” which can lead to death. We are lucky: Bones has a short tail which is approximately 2 inches long and she is completely healthy. Typically for Manx, Bones acts more like a dog than a cat. And for the longest time, she liked dogs better than other cats. And now she is living with 3 other cats and she clearly is the queen in the house, she’s “Her Majesty, Queen Bones the First” 😉 The other kitties adapted to Bones: they never meow, they are all very quiet. But Bones also adapted: now, she loves playing with her sisters and they chase each other through the house.

When I started to read more about cats, I read something that made (and still makes) me very sad. 99% of black cats that get into a shelter won’t make it out of there alive 😦 Most people would never adopt a black cat (or dog) because of stupid superstitious believes… Many shelters don’t let people adopt black cats around Halloween because they are afraid that people just use black cats as Halloween decoration or use them in satanic rituals… 😦 Black cats are not different than any other cat and I can assure all of you that Bones brought us only good luck!

So please, if you consider adopting a new feline family member, don’t overlook a black cat or kitten! They are amazing! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Our black cat Bones >’-‘< – why black cats should never be overlooked…

    • Vielen lieben Dank 🙂 Sie ist wirklich eine ganz süsse und sie weiss es auch 😉 Ich bin so froh, dass unsere furbabies nicht kompliziert sind… Als wir nur Bones hatten, haben wir sie auch auf Autofahrten mitgenommen: einmal 12 Stunden nach New Orleans und einmal 9 Stunden nach Atlanta. Sie liebte Autofahren 🙂 Jetzt da wir mehrere Katzen haben, lassen wir sie zusammen, nicht dass sie noch eifersüchtig werden…

  1. My mother loved a black cat for long time…the kitty was a stray cat when my mother encountered her, but after that until she died she was so much confort for my mother! I was surprised to read your article about black cats in the shelters. It’s really ridiculous and, see, black cats are lovely and beautiful.;-)

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