Tabby kitten with a cause – Stop Animal Abuse

My cat Chloe and the cause that is very important to us: Stop Animal Abuse© Cindy Giannoulatos-Malnasi

My cat Chloe and the cause that is so important to us: Stop Animal Abuse
© Cindy Giannoulatos-Malnasi

I love how powerful this image is! I wanted to take a picture of a shirt I had printed and suddenly, Chloe jumped on the bed and put her paw on the “Stop Animal Abuse” sign.

Here’s the story behind this picture:

I will never forget that day in June 2011. It was a Friday and I sat at my desk at work during my lunch break. Suddenly, one article caught my attention: “Mom and kids beat kittens with baseball bat”. With tears running down my face, I read the article and signed the petition (I usually don’t like to cry in front of other people…). I will not tell you all the details, here’s just a short recap: On June 10, 2011, a pregnant woman showed her 2 young boys in a public park in Brooksville, FL how to torture two 8 week old kittens with a baseball bat. One kitten died that day in the park and the second kitten, later named Dexter, was rescued by very brave children and taken to one boy’s home. The boy’s mom called the Police and Animal Services took the kitten to an Animal Clinic in Brooksville. The tiny black and white kitten Dexter was blind and had neural problems because of the horrible attack. Weeks went by and thousands of people followed his progress on Facebook. He was doing much better and he found his loving forever home with a vet tech called Tiffany. Then, sadly on August 15, 2011 Dexter had very strong seizures and the people involved in his life made the difficult decision to let him go…

I got very involved in the case because I simply couldn’t let go. I cannot understand how someone would be able to hurt an innocent and defenseless being (no matter if it’s an animal, a child, or an elderly person)… I told people about little Dexter and asked them to sign the petition that had almost 55,000 signatures in the end. From July 2011 until spring 2012, there were monthly pre-trial hearings in Brooksville about this case. In February 2012, I drove to Brooksville (it’s 2 hours away from Orlando) to attend one of those hearings. I had never seen anyone look more evil than this woman. For the hearing, I printed a shirt with Dexter’s picture in the front and the “Stop Animal Abuse” sign in the back. When I wanted to take a picture of the shirt, my cat Chloe jumped on the bed and put her paw on it. A very powerful image!

Then, on July 11, 2012, the trial started and lasted 2 days. It was really hard to hear all the witnesses testify. It took the jury 2 hours to come to the verdict: she was guilty in 2 counts of animal cruelty and in one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She got one year in jail and 5 years probation. Everybody has to decide if that sentence is enough…

I put this powerful image on products in my Zazzle store. 25% of all earnings will be donated to the Humane Society of the United States. Click here to visit my store!

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